Airplane Wing
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Sal Aerospace is an innovative aviation engineering company that support today’s demand for OEM and MRO technology. Our unique approach and ingenuity makes a difference in today’s global aviation industry.

FAA: #54TR218D

EASA: #145.6798

Sal Aerospace Engineering has been developing test solutions utilizing digital technology to support the needs since 2005 for OEM, MRO and Aircraft operators. Setting the standard through innovative engineering to support the ever-growing demand for OEM and MRO. This has enabled us to manufacture a wide range of testing platforms providing our customers with test solutions for Hydraulic, Fuel, Pneumatic, Electro-Mechanical Actuation etc.

Sal Aerospace Technologies Inc. was founded to complement SAE. Both companies supplement each other and work in perfect harmony. Our love for aviation makes us keep expanding and finding new solutions for the industry. SAT is a dual release repair station with Class I and Il rating, limited engine, limited landing gear, specialized services. Our capabilities consist of hydraulic actuation systems, pneumatic, electromechanical actuation, mechanisms
as well as sub-components repairs.



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