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Universal Hydraulic Pump Test Stand

Versatile Testing Capability

The Universal Hydraulic Pump Test Stand is capable of testing variable speed hydraulic and motor-driven pumps used on the following aircraft: B787, B777, B737 (up to the NG), A320-A321 (including Neo), A350, A330, A340, and CRJ aircraft. It can be expanded to test other pumps within its operating characteristics


Comprehensive Testing

Examples of some of the pumps that can be tested include:

  • PN 66087

  • PN 57186-10

  • PN 3022151-000

  • PN 3031863-002

  • PN 53080

  • PN 53065

  • PN 623977

  • PN 693335

  • PN 66132-4

  • PN 6133-04

  • PN 974976

  • PN 51164-06

Adaptable Design

Our test stand is designed to meet the rigorous testing requirements of hydraulic systems, ensuring reliable performance and accurate results across various components.

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